About Me

I am a college student who sometimes has had enough studying for a lifetime. Before being a student I am myself. :P What does that mean you ask? I am random, sportive, adventurous (not only in the traditional way), artistic, and a book lover/book worm. Yes I'm admitting that I'm a book worm and Yes im proud of it! lol For me reading is a chance to experience things I would never experience otherwise or just to escape from the harsh reality that sometimes overwhelms me. 

Besides being a book lover I also listen to alot of music. I never leave my house without my iPod in my bag. When I'm feeling pissed, sad, and/or annoyed the music calms me down, and when I'm in a happy mood it keeps me that way. :D

The way I started to love to read is written below: 

When I was a little kid in kindergarten and first grade I couldn't read in English. It was funny because I lived in the USA yet, learned to read in Hebrew first. Hebrew is a complicated language to read because not only is the alphabet completely different its also reading from right to left instead of left to right. The reason is that I went to a religious Jewish school and we had 1/2 a day where we did regular subjects in English and the other 1/2 was learning Hebrew and about the religion.

I was taken out of that school after my mom realized that I couldn't read and I went through a very long process (some of which I actually remember) of learning to read, learning math, and learning to write and spell. I even moved schools. The school I went to a school where everything was slower and smaller depending on the majority of the students needs. I loved it there so much I refused to leave the school for 7 years.

My most fond memory of that school is during my second grade reading time. The teacher read to us a book about a boy who became blind because of an accident and had to learn how to walk with and w/o a guide dog and how he had to cope with life. It sounds depressing but it really wasn't.

In that school we got trophies for the number of books we read per year. I am assuming that I started to love to read only in 4th or 5th grades because the trophies I had for those years started to get bigger meaning that I actually wanted to read. Since then reading is a pleasure as long as its fiction and full of action. I remember even loving to read the books from English class in school until 12th grade.

12th grade English was the worst English class I have ever had. The books were so depressing and boring. Every other year in English class I would start the book with everyone else but read it 3 times because i read it once or twice ahead of everyone else since i couldn't close the book. Then I had to re-read it along with the rest of the class.

In one of my classes in 8th or 9th grade - I don't remember which - my English teacher decided to read to us a chapter a week or something from a book. That book is called Blood and Chocolate. I have to re-read that book now. It is a really good book about werewolves and obviously something to do with chocolate.

Now (in the last 3 years) every time a family member sees me read they are in shock. So I started asking them why. Each one says that I have alot of trouble reading yet I love to read and it surprises them. Now I don't see how I have trouble reading if its a book I like. If its a college book that is boring its really hard. I have been compensating for alot of things my whole life but reading a good book hasn't been hard since 4th or 5th grade. But it takes me forever to read a book. Seriously, it takes me a week to read a book if I can't put it down.

I have periods where I read alot and then always have a book I am reading and other times where no matter where I go or what I do I can't find a book I want to read so I just don't read. Those times are so annoying and I get frustrated because I want to read but can't find something Im interested in.